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One Green Gamble PokerPulse WON't accept. Help us stop B.C. 'BILLIES from turning Kootenai Brown's Waterton-Glacier area - a pristine World Heritage Site since 1995 - into an open-pit coal mine! Unbelievably, Frostbacks in British Columbia, who have access to some of the world's last remaining undisturbed wilderness, can't wait to destroy it. Federal politicians have tried unsuccessfully for years to turn it into parkland but Premier Gordon Campbell now with help from Conservative Stephen Harper wants to keep the area open for business and at least one mining firm is poised to start digging.View an excerpt of the story and add your voice to the protest before the 'BILLIES get their crazy, wrong-headed way. Click here to join our Gamble Green Campaign to benefit the David Suzuki Foundation battling climate change.

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This Week's Best Story:

Another Reason Why PokerPulse Has Had UltimateBet / Absolute in the X Category For Years!!. Quote for a Washingtonpost.com story:

In reporting his two-part series about online poker, Inside Bet, Post writer Gilbert M. Gaul learned that the two big cheating scandals occurred at Web sites owned by the same person -- Joseph Tokwiro Norton, former grand chief of the Kahnawake Mohawk tribe located on a reservation near Montreal.


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